There. I said it. Fight me.

So after spending more than enough time on PUBG, I fancied something a bit spongier. Something I can dip in and out of here and there. Something with a military style, and endless hours of stuff to grind out. So obviously, we’re left with The Division.

In my review, I called it “a pretty decent game”, and honestly I think that still stands. The recent patches and updates have really breathed life into what was rapidly becoming a bit meh. There are a number of things you can do with end game stuff in The Division. Let’s break them down.

First of all, if you really love the grind, you can replay every single story mission, on hard for a chance to get some far better loot. It’s a neat little challenge you could probably do in a couple of hours. So far however, the loot I’ve gotten from these hard missions has been sub-par at best.

Next up, we have Search and Destroy missions. Basically, go to a district you’ve 100% helped, and there should be a mission at the notice board in the Safe House. It’s essentially a three point elimination mission. You go to three locations and defeat increasingly hard enemies. It’s a neat little distraction from the more intense end game content.

Now we have the DLC. These three expansions are actually pretty decent.

Survival is a really cool mode, in which you are dropped into New York during a horrible storm, and you have to recover anti-virals from the Dark Zone. But, you yourself are infected, meaning you have about an hour until you die. Your goal? Get some gear, get to the Dark Zone, and get to extraction. It’s rather good, and can get really intense. You can play PVP or PVE, so if you aren’t as confident with your player killing skills, you can always switch to environmental enemies only.

Next, we have Last Stand, an 8v8 PVPVE mode, in which you have to hold certain points on the map. The team that holds the points and uploads all their data first wins. Of the three DLCs, this is my least favourite, simply because of the PVP element.

Finally we have The Underground. The story is that the gangs that once dominated the surface have been pushed underground, so it’s your job to do operations to route them out. Each of these missions is a random encounter, and can have multiple phases and modifiers. It’s pretty fun.

There are a lot of options when you hit that end point. A definite reason to keep playing. And you if you took advantage of last weekend’s sale and free trial, you’re probably well on your way.