The End of All Boob Jobs?

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25 June 2014

By Bronwen

The German army are having a small crisis at the moment, in that 70% of their troops have started to grow breasts! Not just slightly either; some of the army men need to have breast reductions! It’s because they slam their guns against the left side of their chests during some drills and for some reason, their bodies are producing fat on the left hand side and their testosterone levels are decreasing. It appears that being hit on that spot stimulates fat tissue to form.

The condition is yet to be researched further, but in the future, it could invoke plastic surgeons to find a new way of enlarging women’s breasts. We’re not suggesting that a doctor is going to punch you in the boob every day, but if the exact hormone that causes this sudden breast growth is revealed, silicone implants could be a thing of the past. For women who are self conscious and don’t have the money for a boob job, this could be life changing and should definitely be looked into further.

And while the idea could be very advantageous for women, we should still spare a thought for those men who have one random left boob.


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