The Evils of X Factor

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18 September 2014

By Bronwen

For the past few weeks, the famous and divisive X Factor crept its way back onto our screens every Saturday and Sunday evening. Some of us enjoy and anticipating who’s going to be good or horrendously bad while others slope off upstairs and wait for the clock to strike 9 so that they know it’s all over. No matter how different our opinions are, there is still a lot of immorality surrounding the X Factor.

Think about the people who you’ve watched (or heard about) on the X Factor who were appalling. Their notes were off-key and they wore the most bizarre outfit and had an obnoxious over-confidence. But also try to remember that the audition you see on the telly is not the first audition that the performer attended. There’s a pre-audition.

So that means that these people whose sanity we question have been egged on and told they are good when they are not. These pre-judges and producers big them up and tell them that they could win. Tell them they have talent; when they don’t; only for them to have their worlds shattered and confidence smashed with a combined TV and live audience of millions.

These people pay expenses and take time off work to attend auditions when a smug producer knows that they won’t be returning to the arena after their three minutes of boos and destruction of false hope.



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