The Fall of Top Viner Nash Grier?

11 January 2014

By Lauren E. White

Earlier on this week, popular Youtuber Nash Grier and two of his friends uploaded a Youtube video, ‘What Guys Look for in Girls’. The video featured a lengthy list of traits and physical attributes that boys look for in girls and has sparked utter chaos in the world of social media.

A few of the points raised in the video were that girls should be shaved everywhere – arm hair, ‘peach fuzz’ (hair above the top lip), legs and armpit hair; implying us girls should always be smooth. The shallow American Youtubers also stated how they liked girls with ‘talent’ and expressed their attraction to girls who can sing, this particular point became the focus of outrage by many online so-called ‘response videos’. Remarks about how girls should be ‘short’ or ‘petite’ who are ‘brunettes’ (even though they do like blondes) are their type of girls, along with a girl who is ‘entertaining’ – Grier furthering it by demanding ‘entertain me’. But, the most ironic of them all, the three wannabees love girls who are themselves, how thoughtful of them!

In summary, Grier and his two pals like girls who can entertain them, are short and petite, talented (especially if they can sing) and of course, girls who are always shaved all over the body. A touching number of other males responded to the video by making their own, completely disagreeing with Grier and claiming ‘all girls are beautiful’ – very true. Then, a number of furious girls uploaded their reactions to the now removed video, outraged and upset by the ‘douchebags’ as one American girl, Jacqueline Carter, put it.

The most upsetting part of it all is that some girls may have been genuinely damaged by the video. Unfortunately some poor gals let the thoughts of Grier and ‘men’ like him, allowing it to take a hit at their self-esteem. While it is completely acceptable for boys to have their preferences, it is somewhat juvenile that they have aired their list on YouTube ironically calling some girls garden tools (if you catch the drift) and then suggesting they should ‘be themselves’ – hmm, that works.

But for the Youtuber with millions of followers, this little stunt has literally put his ‘social media guru’ status under threat due to the public outlash and obviously, having the video pulled.



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