The Fault in Our Stars: Exclusive Fan Screening Review

16 June 2014

By Lauren E. White

Rewinding back to January 2012, the now millionaire author John Green officially released his New York Times best-seller The Fault in Our Stars. Since then, the book has became a global phenomenon and his other novels include the likes of Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns – both appear to be just as loved by Green’s fans as TFiOS. Now, on 12th June 2014, Green’s novel was exclusively screened to limited cinemas in the UK and I went along to watch it with a few friends.

The screening included a first look at the author’s deleted debut acting scene as well as a recorded Q&A from the star-studded cast which included the fantastic Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley. The duo play Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace – the two main characters who suffer from cancer and fall in love after meeting at a support group, expressing their fears and metaphors in the patronising and literal ‘heart of Jesus’.

As the plot thickens in the film, Augustus uses his cancer wish to take Hazel to Amsterdam to meet her favourite author, Peter Van Houten, which may not happen after Hazel’s cancer-infected lungs take a sudden turn for the worst. All she really wants is to ask a few meaningful questions about An Imperial Affliction – a book Van Houten wrote that she reads over and over again.

Without spoiling the film or the book, there is a major plot twist that makes sure there’s not one dry eye in the cinema. Even Green, who was on set throughout the whole making of the film, admits unashamedly that he cried all the time watching them shoot scenes after claiming the crew who worked on the film were ‘lifting’ him and the story up and ‘helped me to be okay’. Green has also previously spoken out on his Youtube channel about how he struggled with depression a few years ago and bravely informed the fans of TFiOS that some of his emotions were put into the book which inevitably helped its success.

The film was officially released in the US on 6th June, earning a whopping $26.1 million in just the opening day. Following the release, one girl told how she went home after viewing the film and called everyone to tell them she loves them.

All in all, The Fault in Our Stars is quite frankly one of the most beautiful films made in the 21st century and it covers the reality of having cancer and does not sugar coat it one little bit. It’s not often the film based on a novel lives up to the simplicity of it being in writing, but this one well and truly does. With empowering, thoughtful and extremely emotional scenes, this one sick love story, teaches a valuable lesson to young and old everywhere and it holds a very special place in many people’s hearts.

You can see The Fault in Our Stars in the UK on June 20th, giving you plenty of time to read the book beforehand!


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