The #IMAGINE Project

24 November 2014

By Lauren E. White

An online app has been launched by the children’s charity UNICEF as part of their 25th anniversary of the Concention on the Rights of the Child with the aim of creating an unprecedented moment in music history highlighting the challenges children face all over the world.
Some of the biggest names on the planet belonging to music, film, fashion and entertainment have come together to create an interactive music video that covers John Lennon’s iconic song of hope, ‘Imagine’. The app allows everyday people to star alongside their favourite celebrities in the #IMAGINE project featuring Nichole Sherzinger, David Guetta, Idris Elba, Will.i.Am and UNICEF ambassador, Katy Perry.
The project that UNICEF hopes will be the world’s largest sing-along was unveiled during a musical event hosted by Emmy Award-winning actor Hugh Jackman at the United Nations General Assembly. Using the individual recordings, and those of UNICEF’s ambassadors and other artists, it will be made into a multi-lingual ‘world’ version of ‘Imagine’ produced by David Guetta.
#IMAGINE participants can share their own recording of Lennon’s hope anthem with friends and family on social media to encourage others to perform ‘Imagine’ too. The interactive music video will be released in the lead up to New Year’s Eve 2014.

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