The Missing – So Far

The second season of the series, set in Europe, which follows the stories of missing children is at this point well underway. The first season was excellent, and the second is superb. It has somehow maintained its high quality, with the plotline of this latest season being arguably even more intriguing. The series jumps between past and present, slowly weaving game changers and plot twists into a story about how a family copes with the loss of their daughter. The amazing French detective Baptiste has stayed with us, again with his own separate plotline, and gentle coaxing manner which we all grew to know and love in the first season.

If you haven’t seen the first season I wholeheartedly recommend it. However if you haven’t, it isn’t essential to your enjoyment of the current season, and all the previous episodes can be found on iPlayer for you to catch up. It is by far the strongest thriller I have seen from the BBC  in a while, surpassing  the likes of Thirteen and One of us. The brutal and shocking storyline, combined with stunning performances from each of the actors, makes for an altogether chilling watch. Not to be missed.