The Most Underrated Animal Ever?

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6 January 2014

By Bronwen

We’ve all suffered this incomprehensible hype about sloths and goats on our Facebook news feed. Like ‘Ha ha ha’ sloths have creepy facial expressions and goats make odd noises. This is faiiiirly funny, however there is one animal that absolutely flattens every other animal in terms of weirdness.

The ostrich.

Here are some crazy facts-
-7 people each year die from ostrich attacks
-when they’re happy, they run round in circles until they faint
-an ostrich could kill a lion, with its razor sharp tallons
-ostriches can run at speeds of 43mph
-they can be up to ten foot tall and 350 pounds
-there are over 1.5 million ostriches
-it is said that ostriches have suicidal tendencies (unproven but still could be true…)
-their penisis are 40cm long
-they can’t fly, and only use wings for mating rituals and scaring away predators
-their eyes are bigger than their brains
-ostriches can’t climb
-if you play dead in front of them they will stand on you and “dance”, as described by a survivor.
-the recommended distance to stay from an ostrich is 100m away

They may be crazy creatures but ostriches are simply amazing.



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