Why the Name Matters

13 February 2020

By Tegan Oxley

When naming anything, whether it’s a book, an invention, or a nickname for a friend, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


If a name is widely used, whether you like it or not, it’s here to stay. For example, if you decided to start calling toast “grilled bread”, people would just give you strange looks. That means that if you want to name something, you should name something new.

Being Memorable

When the most common question about the name is “what was it called again?”, you’ve done something wrong. A name should be first and foremost, memorable. A good way of doing this is to make the name fun to say. For example, Frippery is more fun to say and more memorable (to most people) than Calendar. 

Significant Meaning

A clever name will have multiple interpretations. For example, the name of this website is “B**p”, which shows that we discuss issues that are often censored, and that we are composed of young writers (the word is also a sound, that is fun sounding, which relates to youthfulness). A name can also explain itself, a good example of this is a hot air balloon. It’s a balloon, that uses hot air as a core mechanic.

To conclude, make a name something new, with a fun name that you can get everyone to use. Try to give it a clever meaning, but mostly, have fun with it!

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