The Original Child Star Passes Away

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11 February 2014

By Bronwen

Star of black and white movies Shirley Temple has died in her home today. Despite the fact she retired in the 50’s when most of us weren’t even alive, her name is still known. She was a child star and since Temple, no other child has lived up to her standard. She starred in movies like Heidi, The Little Princess and Stand Up and Cheer.

Temple began dance lessons at 3 years old, when most kids are still struggling to go a full night without wetting the bed. She was talent scouted a short while after and made her screen debut in 1932.

Her death is a real loss, and a beacon of hope to all other child stars that they can have a well-behaved life (cough, Lindsey Lohan, cough) has burnt out. R.I.P.



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