The Royal Family Cost Tax Payers Millions

27 June 2014

By Yasmine

The Royal Family have cost the tax payers £35.7 million in the last financial year. The Queen’s income is expected to rise to £40 million next year. The money has allowed Buckingham Palace to carry out property refurbishment. It cost £1 million alone to remove asbestos from the basement of the palace.

£4 million has been used to swank up Kensington Palace for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Travel costs for the Royals are also included in tax payer’s money, it cost £125,000 for Prince Charles to park his backside on the royal train for six trips around the country and it cost £250,000 to get him to the late Nelson Mandela’s funeral with the palace claiming it was the cheapest aircraft possible.

Even though they are spending millions of tax payers’ money, it still doesn’t include security. So when the Queen was making her lame speech about what the government is going to do to benefit the country, the tax payers’ were paying for the guards, the horses, the police, basically the whole damn lot!

One shall rob from the poor and feed to the rich.


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