The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation Have Reached Their Goal

26 March 2014

By Yasmine

The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation was founded in 2008 by the legend Sir Bobby Robson himself, one year before he sadly passed away. Bobby set up the charity to help adults and children who are fighting cancer in the North East and Cumbria. The Newcastle United and England boss had beaten cancer four times and finally lost his fifth and final battle with the disease in 2009. Three thousand patients have since been recruited for clinical trials since the Sir Bobby Robson cancer trial centre opened in late 2009.

The foundation celebrated it’s sixth birthday yesterday and they revealed that they had reached their goal by raising £7 million in six years. Small donations and community fundraising have contributed to reaching the goal. Bobby’s widow, Lady Robson, described the achievement as “a great team effort”.

Thus proving that the legend still lives on.


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