The Trump Card

After a divisive and oftentimes hateful year-and-a-half campaign, America has elected Donald Trump as their 45th President.

Mr Trump’s victory defied the usually accurate American polls and saw him win key states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. At two o’clock US time – seven o’clock GMT – the President-elect made an appearance at his rally in New York (which voted for his opponent Hillary Clinton) to say that he had spoken with Mrs Clinton and said his win is “beautiful and important”.


It is clear from this election that the American people voted for a change. They voted against the political elite in just the same way we in Britain voted for Brexit. While Trump’s answers to the problems his supporters believe he will change are not the right ones, the mandate on which he was elected remains the same.

Hillary Clinton spoke to a crowd of her supporters in a hotel just minutes away from Trump Tower, the home of the former The Apprentice star, his wife Melania and youngest son Barron. In an ever-steely yet very passionate and emotional address, Senator Clinton said that one day, “the glass ceiling” will be broken – “sooner than we think”, she told her applauding crowd.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

The question has been posed that if Clinton – a woman with the most experience of any American President – cannot win, what  woman ever will? It is certainly not a brilliant message for women in America, especially when it has been confirmed that the majority prefer a man who wants to punish women who have abortions and thinks it’s okay to sexually assault women because of his (deeply worrying) celebrity status over such an experienced politician.

Who knows what the future holds, for America and the rest of the world.

People predict that US-Russia tensions will ease while some say inflammatory Trump – the first ever President to have never served in the Army or held Office – cannot hold a stable  relationship with Putin.

38 Degrees Donald Trump plane stunt, 24th, June, 2016

One thing Hillary Clinton is right about, though, is that love does trump hate. While her e-mails may have destroyed her campaign and some of the truths about her record are disturbing, her message to young people, telling them to not “lose heart” and that “fighting for what’s right is worth it” will have surely touched many. I know it touched me.

Good luck, America.