The War On Selfie Sticks…

Selfie sticks are like marmite: you either love them or you hate them…

And quite clearly, YouTube prankster Buddy Bolton has made his opinion of selfie sticks apparent by appearing in a short video compilation showing him gallivanting around New York City with a pair of shears, chopping unsuspecting sightseers’ selfie sticks in two:

Understandably, his victims seemed a little dazed by events unfolding before their eyes, and one even chased the joker away. Since being posted on 1st September, the video has amassed nearly 3,000 dislikes, far more than the number of likes it received.

His reckless behaviour may seem like a joke but I doubt those unfortunate people moping about on the floor trying to pick up shattered pieces of glass because he’s just smashed their phone are quite as amused.

Although he claims his victims “received $10 replacement sticks” that hardly makes up for potentially damaged phones and the misery inflicted on them.

Simply put, his actions were beyond a joke and could be easily classed as criminal damage, meaning he ought to be prosecuted – especially since he has pledged to strike again in another city soon.

So if you’re out in public, hold onto your selfie sticks!