The Worst of Facebook

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4 November 2013

By NEBeep

There are so many bad Facebook habits that have developed over the years. Everyone must have at least one infuriating friend who either:

  • Posts life documentaries on their every day tasks.
  • Takes numerous selfies.
  • Invites you to events no one cares about.
  • Takes pictures of meals they have eaten.


EXHIBIT A Have you ever been scrolling through your news feed only to find statuses such as: ‘Watching a film’, ‘Going to sleep’, ‘Eating <3’? Well most news feeds worldwide are clogged up with these useless comments. No one cares about everyday activities, we all do them, and so we do not need to know when you are ‘walking the dog’ or ‘ironing clothes’. 4 in 10 people want their friends to stop updating Facebook with these useless activities. Why even waste time writing these things? You must at least be a little busy ‘setting the table’.


EXHIBIT B However almost everyone is guilty of taking the occasional selfie. Fair enough post one every once in a while, everyone needs a new profile picture sometime. Except when it comes to posting dozens every day, which is where the line should be drawn. Okay, you may look very good at that point in time, but at least take pictures when you are out with your friends, having a good time. Don’t take selfies in your bathroom mirror; no one wants to see that. In fact one quarter of Facebook users despise the selfies that always display their selves on everyone’s news feeds.


EXHIBIT C. The events. Ever seen one flashing notification and let the anticipation build up inside you, only to open it and find a request to attend some meaningless event? Well it is certainly a disappointment. The majority of people ignore all events that are ever sent to them. It used to be acceptable when the events were interesting things in the local area. However now it is out of control, as people invite their friends to ridiculous things like “Green leaf day”, “Harry and Ginny’s wedding” or some people even get invited to “Christmas”. Who doesn’t know when Christmas is? You don’t ‘invite’ people to Christmas. It is a festive celebration not an event!


EXHIBIT D Taking pictures of your meals is proved to be in the top 4 bad tech habits in the UK. Which means A LOT of pictures of food make up our personal news feed. Even if your food looks lovely, and you just have to take a picture of it, please keep it to yourselves. You must remember the thousands of hungry people who will see your heavenly meal on their news feed, and while they’re siting eating pot noodles, they will feel embarrassed and extremely jealous. So unless some fancy restaurant are paying you to post pictures of their best dishes, just stop.


For the sake of humanity, these habits MUST stop.


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