The Wrong Way to Vote

7 May 2015

By Lauren E. White

Are you a mad, ignorant and ‘biblically correct’? If so, you might want to be voting for Suan Anne White today.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect any of you to be like White who wishes to ban rock music, make adultery a punishable offence and even stop the State funding of LGBT organisations. As well as this, the independent candidate wishes to ‘oppose feminism’ and bring back the housewife stereotype to women.

However, bringing back the ‘housewife stereotype’ may pose a problem for Ms White as she’s the one standing in a constituency doing an actual job. Awkward.

Ms White claims she’s ‘biblically correct’ which is, quite frankly, an insult to Christians all over the world. Surely God created us as equals, didn’t he, Ms White?

While we can’t tell you the right way to vote his General Election, we can tell you the wrong way to vote. Have you guessed it already?

Yes, Susan Ann White is the wrong way to vote.

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