They Are How Old?

2 December 2013

By Yasmine

Eminem, Marshall Mathers III as he’s formally known, has been married and divorced twice (to the same person, Kim, his high school sweetheart and the subject of many of his songs, good and bad). Daughter Hailie is 17 now. But STILL it’s hard to believe Slim Shady is 41 years old!



When she came on the scene with “Call Me Maybe,” and also maybe because her “mentor” is Justin Bieber, everyone assumed Carly Rae was a teenager herself. But the Canadian pop star is actually a decade older than many of her fans. It’s very hard to believe that Carly is 28!



17? Yes, with New Zealand singer Lorde only being 17 we can hardly think straight! Although she dresses for her age, Lorde has the facial features of a 25 year old and with vocals that sound as if they have been kissed by God, there is no wonder people assume Lorde is much older than she actually is!



Despite Kylie Jenner being only being sweet 16 this doesn’t stop her from looking a decade older than she actually is. Being the youngest of the Kardashian sisters, no wonder Kylie is dressing well beyond her age. She looks stunning… but is this driving young women to dress older and more provocative?



Throw us some of Will Smith’s health tips! The Men in Black star hasn’t changed a bit. 45? More like 25! Regardless of having two kids and a very lengthy acting career Will Smith is our main man. Enough said.



50? 50? We need to adjust our eyes because there is no way Johnny Depp is 50 years old! Jack Sparrow has never lost his appeal and will remain the crowned King of Youth. With not a wrinkle in sight, Johnny looks nowhere near his 40’s no matter 50’s! We salute you Mr Depp.




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