They Don’t Care!

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16 October 2014

By NEBeep

After yesterday’s report from the BBC about the cost of going to watch a football match, Robbie Savage, the Welsh international centre midfielder voiced his opinion from a professional footballers point of view.
He said, ‘I never once thought about how much it was costing fans to go to games.’

He also stated that he didn’t come across many footballers that would know the actual price of tickets and never had to buy one. The majority of footballer’s wouldn’t know the struggle that parents go through to purchase tickets to watch the game, not to mention food, drinks and programmes on top of that. This just shows how ignorant some footballers are towards their fans and how they really don’t care about what fans have to go through sometimes to watch the games.

Footballers earn a ridiculous amount of money every week so they wouldn’t understand how expensive a ticket is to the unemployed or working class, because at the end of the day what is £100 when you are making millions each year?

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