A biopic about the man behind Flamin’ Hot Cheetos is in the works at Fox Searchlight, the studio behind Juno and Slumdog Millionaire. The movie, which will be titled Flamin’ Hot (good God) and will follow the life of Hot Cheetos inventor Richard Montanez.

Variety reported the news today, saying that multiple studios were all wanting to pick up the movie before Fox Searchlight jumped on the project.

Montanez is the son of an immigrant, who worked on farms picking grapes in southern California. He then got a job as a janitor at Cheetos manufacturer Frito-Lay and during his time cleaning the loos, he had an idea for a new flavour. We’re praying that the loos and the idea aren’t linked.

Bless this man.

The guy made his money through presenting to the president of the company, who loved the idea.  Montanez is now an executive at PepsiCo, which owns Frito-Lay.

The script will be helmed by Lewis Colick (October Sky, Ladder 49) with the inventor lending a hand.

The idea came to him when he was eating a cup of corn.

‘I see the corn man adding butter, cheese, and chile to the corn and thought, ‘What if I add chile to a Cheeto?’

Anyone else really want Flamin’ Hot Cheetos now? Available at all good stores?


We’re joking, this isn’t an ad.

Although we wish it was.