With severe flooding in areas of Cumbria and heavy snow further north in the country, many homes are left without power and some have even been evacuated. So here at b**p, we thought we’d give you a list of things to do during a power cut.

1. Play Top Trumps

Everyone loves a good game of Top Trumps – whether it’s the Doctor Who edition or the SpongeBob edition, the game never gets old. Neither does the glory of winning every card from your opponents – something that can cheer you up when there’s no power.

2. Pretend to be the TV

Imagining a time when there was no television is a difficult task for most. Believe it or not, people actually made their own entertainment! And if you’re deep into a power cut, there is no better time to pretend to be the TV. You can create your own version of Eastenders and if you have a bald dad and really want it to be realistic, he can play the role of Phil Mitchell.

3. Wind up the parents

It won’t take long before you’re bored stiff so somebody has to suffer and it shouldn’t be you. Winding up your parents is a great way to entertain yourself and if you’ve got an equally mischievous sibling, luck is on your side…

4. Turn your burglar alarms off!

With power cuts comes great levels of noise. In particular, the screech of burglar alarms whirring on for hours on end is no fun for anyone involved – those with sensitive dogs will agree. Turn your alarms off and protect the sanity of humans and the hearing of dogs.