Thanks to Celebrity Big Brother and her own hot temper, Kim Woodburn has been very relevant for the past few weeks and not a day has gone by where the “Adulterer Remix” hasn’t come up on our Facebook timeline. If you didn’t know who Kim was before Big Brother (or I’m a Celeb a few years ago), you definitely know now. The 74-year-old has had a long and successful career and most people will recognise her from shows such as How Clean is Your House (which was surprisingly entertaining given that it was literally a show about cleaning). Since we’ll probably be seeing memes of her for the next couple of weeks at least, we thought we’d do some digging and find out some surprising facts about her.

1- Kim wasn’t actually called Kim until she was in her twenties. She was born Patricia Mary McKenzie but the name reminded her too much of her cruel mother. Her inspiration for her new name came from film star Kim Novak.

2- Her mother was an alcoholic who made her childhood unbearable to the point that she ran away from home when she was fifteen.

3- When Kim auditioned for How Clean is Your House, she was earning £1000 per month as a house cleaner.

4- She had a stillborn baby that she buried in a park to avoid the stigma of people knowing that she was going to be a single mother.

5- Kim volunteers for the charity Starlight where she grants wishes for terminally ill children.