Thorp Academy, a local comprehensive school in Ryton, Gateshead, has became a donation drop-off point for refugees arriving in Calais.

The idea came from eight sixth formers at the Academy and one of them, Caitlin McIsaac, shared the important news on Facebook in order to alert locals. Speaking of the idea, McIsaac said: “I think it’s extremely important to help all of those who are not as fortunate as us. As well as this, it’s also important that we educate not only the school, but also the Ryton community on international issues such as the one in Calais.”

Some of the ‘badly needed’ items are shoes, socks and tinned foods. However, there is also a push for children’s books to be donated in order to help them get to know the language better and so parents can, to an extent, continue  to educate their children.

If you’re thinking about donating to the drop-off service in order to help the thousands of refugees arriving in Calais, all items can be dropped off at Thorp Academy’s visitor entrance between 8am and 4pm.

Below you can find a more in-depth account of what donations the sixth formers and refugees would greatly appreciate: