Ever been on a group date?

There’s the one couple who won’t stop necking on. The couple that stays silent, and you give them knowing glances to show you know there’s a low-key argument going on. Then there’s you, with your partner, just trying to make the best of the situation.

Well, ever wanted to do that with strangers?

Now you can!

Tinder has recently launched an app for finding groups of friends to go on dates with, but (obviously) has faced criticism saying that it is embarrassing people, and facilitating group sex.

The app is going under the name Tinder Social, matching you with groups of people, rather than another individual, using the app.

It’s already run into some… issues.

The app relies on inviting Facebook friends into your life on Tinder. Which is just awful.

The whole point of Tinder is to keep it a secret from your mates. Inviting them in from Facebook is a bit…cringey. What next? Tinder posts to your wall? ‘Well done: Ashley has been on ten anonymous dates this week! All in groups!’

That’d be an awkward thing to explain to your Nan in the comments bit.


It would also make it easy for Facebook friends to ‘laugh at your bio on Tinder’ as one Twitter user pointed out.

Even for those happy to announce that they are happy with the Tinder Social service, it is unclear what the point of the feature is. It is apparently designed for organising platonic and friendly meet-ups – but many have already pointed out Tinder is often used for casual sex. It’s safe (or unsafe) to assume what the feature will indeed be used for.

The company issued a statement, saying it was a way of taking “an average night out with your friends to the next level”.

We’re sure it is.

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