Today’s the Day

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7 May 2015

By Melanie

Will you be voting today? I know I will. As I always say, without sounding too preachy, people died to give us the vote, so make the most of your vote. You may not like the leaders of the parties who are up to represent the country, but it is worth looking deeper than that person and considering the policies of each individual party to ensure your opinions are recognised.

A great way of doing this, if you are concerned as to where your vote should go is by following this link where you do actually focus on the policies and nothing else. It might be time consuming but it covers the facts, and those, at the end of the day, are what we should be bothered about. Chances are, if you have an opinion, you will have made that opinion on what you have heard over the last few months and seen over the last few years and this tool will validate that.

Here’s to a new day.


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