Tom Gates: Yes No Maybe – Book Opening Night

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26 May 2015

By Alex Khalil

Tom Gates.

A name that’s become rather popular in the mouths of young children, and has taken a firm foothold (or handhold) in primary schools and young children’s culture. The series spans eight books including the most recent: Yes, No, Maybe. The press conference was sprawling with adults and children alike, all aching to get their hands on the newest title. Again, another example of just how eager young people are to read and become involved in a series, so much so, that (and I’m an eye witness to this), as soon as they had their copy, they were perched on the carpeted floor, noses down to the page.

It’s undeniable that the series is a roaring success, in the eyes of the fans and the fans parents. From the relatable writing style, the broad spectrum of interesting characters, and Liz’s own signature ‘doodle’ style illustrations. The drawings assist the story, and give it a certain flavour, and a very unique flare.

The series has won numerous awards including; the Blue Peter Book Award in 2013 and the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, and rightly so.

Liz Pichon, author of the series, was at the press release, and I managed to grab a quick word with her about the release and about her work, which you can read about in our print edition coming soon.



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