Top 10 Cheap Days Out

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25 June 2014

By Lauren H

If you’re struggling with money this summer, but you’re desperate to do something fun, and have a laugh with your friends, then worry no more – B**P is here to help. Here are our top 10 ideas for a cheap day out:

  1. You could gather up some friends, and tell everyone to bring a small amount of food, such as crisps and sandwiches, and have a picnic in your garden or in a local park. Take along some sports gear, such as a football or a frisbee and have some fun!
  2. If you’re aged 15-17, you can sign up for a 3 week adventure holiday with NCS. You will spend the first week doing outdoor activities; the second in a residential setting, such as a University, learning skills and enjoying yourself, and the third is spent at home planning something beneficial to the community. This costs at most £50 for the whole course, but you can get it cheaper or even for free, depending on your financial circumstances.
  3. The beach is always a fun place to go during summer, where you can let your hair down, play some sports, sunbathe and even go for a swim. To make things even better, it shouldn’t cost you anything, unless you want an ice cream of course!
  4. If you live close to a free festival then you could enjoy hours of fun in the sunshine, singing along to some great music. Some examples of these are South Tyneside Summer Festival and Cardiff Festival.
  5. If you own a bike, you could enjoy the good weather and go on a bike ride in your local area. You may end up finding scenic areas that you’ve never even noticed before, and you’ll be enjoying it whilst exercising!
  6. Have a water fight! You can pick up some packets of balloons specifically for this purpose from most stores at just a pound or two, and you get plenty. Alternatively, just go to a beach or a lake/river and make use of this water, or even get hold of a hosepipe (which would work well!)
  7. If you often travel by train, you could make great use of a railcard. They cost only £30 for a whole year and give you 1/3 off ticket prices. This means you can travel to different cities and spend the day there at a great price.
  8. You can even enjoy the fine art and culture that the country has to offer, with free museums being available to visit all over the country. From the Baltic to the RAF Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry, there is a lot to go and see.
  9. There are many historical landmarks that you may find interesting, such as Hadrian’s Wall, Warkworth Castle, Stonehenge and Vindolanda.
  10. If you enjoy spending time outdoors then you may want to consider camping. All you need is some sleeping bags, a tent and a few friends. You could spend the night in your back garden or go somewhere like the Lake District – as long as you don’t mind seeing the occasional sheep.


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