Top 10 Hardest A levels

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15 September 2014

By Bronwen

Anyone who is currently or has endured A levels will physically cringe at the names of some of the subjects. Here is an unofficial list of what we would describe as the top 10 most laborious subjects on the curriculum and a single sentence to sum it up.

10- Art- Although it sounds fun and leisurely, the workload that comes hand in hand with art is atrocious.

9- English Lit- What does the poet mean?!

8- Economics- the only time you get sick of money.

7- Maths- Numbers… Everywhere

6- Biology- Blood, gore and cellulose.

5- History- full of dates… not the good kind…

4- Physics- this time, it IS rocket science

3- Languages- When you can’t remember the word in English but you can in Spanish, French or German…

2- Chemistry- nothing like Potions at Hogwarts

1 –Further Maths- as if normal maths wasn’t enough to drive us crazy


Bronwen Lowery

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