Top 3 Cities in Europe

1 August 2019

By Lauren E. White

Europe is frequently becoming the place to go on your summer holidays. You can get cheap flights, hotels and hostels – not to mention an interrailing ticket that allows you to travel basically the whole continent. But with so many cities to choose from, I thought I’d narrow it down to the top 3 cities in Europe to help you choose your next holiday destination.

Oh – before I start: a disclaimer. These are the top 3 cities in Europe of the ones I’ve been to. I’ve visited over ten, but haven’t managed to head to Budapest, Zurich, Berlin or Florence yet.

1. Kraków


Polish city Kraków is becoming an increasingly-visited city in Europe. Many young people (and families, actually) head there for a holiday, for a week or a few days.

I spent four days in Kraków and absolutely loved it. The city is gorgeous, with stunningly-preserved medieval architecture. The Main Square is an historic and beautiful place to stand and walk through each day; the market is a lovely little way to spend a morning too.

The city is also so, so cheap. I spent 60 Euros in four days – and that includes ice cream in the old Jewish Quarter of the city, a huge walking tour, transport within the city, traditional Polish dumplings, zapiekanka and more. As you can tell, the food is also gorgeous in Kraków.

And, what tops off this amazing city is, of course, the Polish vodka. Wow. It comes in all flavours, but just one strength. That strength, my friends, is strong. But it’s cheap too.

2. Vienna


The Austrian capital Vienna couldn’t be more different from Kraków, yet it’s just as fantastic and beautiful.

Vienna is classy. It oozes luxury and wealth and style. I adored walking through every single street – even the ones with McDonald’s on them. There’s something about Vienna that is special. It’s most definitely the New York/London of mainland Europe.

The people in Vienna are lovely, too. Friendly and helpful, they make the place super special. But it has to be said that the grand architecture of the Hapsburg Empire is what makes this European city stand out from all the rest.

From the Schönbrunn Palace to St. Charles’ Church, this city is stunning and is one of my favourites in the world – not just Europe.

3. Rome


Italy’s capital city is world-renowned, and for good reason. Rome is still the ancient city when you go there to this day. The buildings are quite clearly historic, and everything that surrounds you is just so awe-inspiring.

The Pantheon is perhaps the most striking of old buildings – even more so than the Colosseum itself. Exteriors of both are breathtaking and so obviously ancient you can’t help but feel lucky to have seen them both with your own eyes.

Of course, with Rome also comes the gelato. It’s the perfect thing to eat on a Roman street in the blazing heat, and it makes all that walking worthwhile.

What I loved so much about Rome is the metropolitan nature of the city. You feel like someone walking down the streets of Rome, knowing the legends that have walked before you. Standing on the Spanish Steps, you remember Audrey Hepburn once stood here too, and you just feel what it was like back in the days of Old Hollywood, when Rome was the place to be.

A gorgeous city with history etched in its veins, Rome is another world-class city.

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