Top 5 Chick Flicks

30 January 2016

By Mell

There is nothing like a good chick flick. With so many to choose from, we managed to get it down to our top five here in the b**p office. Not happy with our picks? Then comment away and we can do a Readers’ Choice feature based on the ones you like.


The Notebook (2004)

Release date: June 25th 2004 (United Kingdom)

Director: Nick Cassavetes.

Narrated by: James Garner.

Set in the 1940s in South Carolina, mill worker Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) and rich girl Allie (Rachel McAdams) are desperately in love, despite her parents’ disapproval. The relationship however comes to a sudden end when Noah goes off to serve in World War II. During Noah’s time away, Allie becomes romantically involved with another man (James Marsden), to whom she quickly becomes engaged. Years later when Noah returns home to their small town, it becomes clear that their romance is far from over.

bridget jones

Bridget Jones Diary (2001)

Release date: April 4th 2001 (United Kingdom)

Director: Sharon Maguire.

Story by: Helen Fielding.

It’s the New Year! And with the New Year comes new beginnings. Bridget (Renee Zellweger) decides that it is time to start taking control of her life and she starts keeping a diary. With an opinion on every subject from food, exercise, men, sex and everything in between, her life becomes an open book in this provocative, witty and hysterical film.


Mean Girls (2004)

Release date: June 18th 2004 (United Kingdom)

Director: Nick Cassavets.

Narrated by: James Garner.

Teen Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) was home-schooled by her scientist parents in Africa, until her life totally changed when they moved to the suburbs of Illinois. She finally gets a taste of a different life when she enrols into a public school, where she quickly realises the cruel world of being a teenager, learning the laws of popularity and fitting into the tightly-knit and divided cliques. She unwittingly finds herself in a group dubbed ‘the plastics’ but Cady soon realizes how her shallow group of new friends earned their well-known nickname.


Legally Blonde (2001)

Release date: October 26th, 2001 (United Kingdom)

Director: Robert Luketic.

Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) almost has it all. All she wants is to become Mrs Warner Huntington the third. However, it’s not that easy. She is too blonde. Using all her resources, she manages to get herself into Harvard Law School, determined to prove herself and win her partner (Matthew Davis) back.


Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008)

Release date: July 25, 2008.

Director: Gurinder Chadha.

Story by: Louise Rennison.

Based on the books by Louise Rennison, 14-year-old Georgia Nicholson (Georgia Groome) attempts to woo her crush Robbie. However, she is extremely prone to getting herself in awkward and embarrassing situations. With her parents’ marriage on her mind, Georgia discovers that being a teenager can really be a pain in the neck.

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