Top 5 Daisy Jones and the Six songs

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11 September 2023

By Caitlan

Daisy Jones and the Six is a great example of an excellent best-selling book by Taylor Jenkins Reid, being turned into a great show. However, the show made a few changes by incorporating songs into a story that is deemed to be loosely based on the emergence of the  Fleetwood Mac. 

5. ‘Aurora’

‘Aurora’ is a love song, fictional Billy Dunne written for his wife. It’s meant to reassure her that he’ll never make the same mistakes. It’s a beautiful duet between Daisy Jones (played by Riley Keough) and Billy Dunne (played by Sam Claflin). In a way, Billy is calling his wife as beautiful as Aurora which was a name used for Sleeping Beauty.


4. ‘More Fun to Miss’

‘More Fun to Miss’ is a song which Billy Dunne wrote for Daisy Jones. It’s unique due to its perspective, it’s about Daisy, sung by Daisy. In the show, to get Jones’s voice to be perfect, Billy kisses her, making her write the song ‘Regret Me.’ Daisy is the only voice to be heard on this song.


3. ‘Regret Me’

‘Regret Me’ is the song which Daisy wrote after she and Billy kiss. He then ignores the whole thing and causes Daisy to have something of a ‘mid-life’ crisis, but of course, she is nowhere near her mid-life. It’s an astounding song sung by Jones and Dunne. Initially, it wasn’t going to go on the album but the (fictional) band voted against Billy and it ended up in the album.


2. ‘Kill You to Try’

‘Kill You to Try’ is about having a past relationship that got messed up but one of the partners wonders if it’s possible to fix it and work things out. The chorus shows how they encourage the other partner to try to fix things and how it wouldn’t ‘kill them to try’.


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1. The river

‘The River’ is a song filled purely with emotion, it’s a type of song you can belt when you’re angry or need to blow off steam. It’s a song which could be metaphorical for temptation and the idea of free will. The thought of going down the river, with someone or by something.

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