Top 5 Ultimate Summer Songs Ever

23 July 2014

By Yasmine

Try to envision yourself driving along the road with the top down, sun beaming and the music blasting… Well more like heavy breathing on an un-air-conditioned bus, but to make your summer the best it could be, here’s the ultimate summer song list:


1. ‘Rather Be’- Clean Bandit

As soon as you hear the violin, you instantly get goose bumps. With Clean Bandit’s electronic twist and Jess Glynne’s soul-filled voice, you can see yourself lying on the beach with headphones in and the world blocked out.

2. ‘All Summer Long’- Kid Rock

This song really takes you on a journey as you can totally put yourself in Kid Rock’s shoes. You could imagine his delight when the song became number one in eight different countries back in 2008. This is a total American song but when the sun is bleaching down, it can be ‘sweet home Alabama’ anywhere in the world.

3. ‘Summertime Sadness’ remix- Lana Del Rey

Don’t let the song title deceive you, the remix version makes you want to take your shoes off and hot dance on the boiling path outside your house for all to see.

4. ‘Summer Nights’- Grease Cast

Imagine yourself sitting in a beer garden at 6.38pm and you hear the start of this song on the karaoke. You push every drunken individual out the way whilst smoke is being blown into your face by the locals, you smash into the doors, making more of a scene than Katie Price on Twitter, you hurl yourself towards the mic as if it was your embarrassing baby photo album and you brace yourself before Danny’s opening ‘Summer lovin’ and yes, this all happened in eight seconds.


5. ‘Summer of 69’- Bryan Adams

Whether it’s playing in a dilapidated pub or an out of control garden party, this is the ultimate summer song and it has been since 1985. And if there’s anyone still sitting down when this song comes on, give them a look as though they’ve wore a tracksuit to the beach. Permission to air guitar: granted!


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