Top 8 Celebrity Smells

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8 November 2013

By Bronwen


With Jay Z announcing that he too will be jumping on the perfume/cologne bandwagon  just in time for Christmas, one of our trusty team took it upon herself to compile a list of her top eight celebrity smells. Check out what made the list and who gets the thumbs up for their efforts below.


8. Lady Gaga- Fame Although the bottle is pretty impressive, it is not as decorative as its celebrity creator. We’ve all seen some of Lady Gaga’s crazy outfits and these aren’t really represented in this bottle. However, the perfume contains hormones called pheromones (produced mostly by honeybees) which are designed to release another hormone that gets you very excited. This is probably why people (including me) like it so much, as the actual scent of Fame is quite chemically and artificial.


7. True reflection-Kim Kardashian  Winner of  the 2013 Fifi Awards for Best New Celebrity Fragrance, True Reflection is  Floral and fruity, so feminine. Personally, it is a touch too sweet for me to wear everyday but for it is great for really girly nights out.



6. Calvin Klein- Euphoria With a bottle that reminds me of the Philosopher’s Stone from Harry Potter, this perfume is a firm dweller in my top ten. It is more for older girls as it is not very sweet and extremely “woody”. I have received a few complements from males on this scent and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that…


5. Katy Perry- Purr It is slightly embarrassing to admit that I was obsessed with this perfume, but I’m sure anyone who smells this will totally understand why. It is very long lasting and fruity. The coconut is the strongest aroma which I would usually disagree with if it wasn’t complimented so beautifully by the apple smell.


4. Beyonce- Heat Rush The bottle is not at all my style and it does not echo the scent. The actual perfume is a very summery daytime fragrance and it smells so delicious. It has a sweet tropical scent that makes you feel like heading straight over to the beach.


3. Mariah Carey- M Smokey, but with a strong scent of marshmallow, this perfume is extremely mature and ideal for evening events, as it is not quirky enough for daytime use, in my opinion.


2. Taylor Swift- Wonderstruck Enchanted  Very sweet but not as sweet as Kim Kardashian’s True Reflections. The fragrance also lasts slightly longer and I adore the bottle’s colours and the charms around the cap. The smell is quite sugary and sweet with a lilt of berries and vanilla.


1. Justin Bieber- Girlfriend Holy mother of fragrances. This is such a delicious smell and the bottle is so quirky, colourful and very girly. Right up my street. The smell is so fruity but mature and even if you’re not a “belieber” you can still enjoy the gorgeous aroma of Girlfriend. It is like fairies are dancing around your scent receptors. Seriously.




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