Top Games of 2014

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23 June 2014

By Alex Khalil

Right so we are well into 2014, and we have been bombarded with more games than you can shake your Stick of Truth at. Often I ask myself, do I want to go and buy them, and often the answer is an emphatic yes, however I lack the funds to cash out on the Xbox One or PS4. So, think of this as an outside impression of the various titles coming our way for the remainder of the year. And no, Call of Duty will not be mentioned, just to inform you, now, let’s start wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith:

Assassins Creed: Unity

YES. The next instalment of AC is coming this October to PS4 and Xbox One. Set in France during the French revolution, it is guaranteed to be more madness than you can handle. With a new combat system and being able to climb down buildings as fluently as you climb them, it’s sure to be one of the best in the series. Also, the massive new feature which Ubisoft couldn’t stop plugging at E3, was FOUR PLAYER COOP. THAT’S FOUR. FOUR ASSASSINS. IN ONE GAME. IF THAT DOESN’T MAKE YOUR TOES TINGLE I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL. So yeah, looks to be an interesting investment. At least it would be if I OWNED A CURRENT GEN CONSOLE.



Oh look another game I can’t play! With its GTAV style of free roam and the numerous hacks available, there is sure to be hours upon hours of devious and devilish behaviour. It’s a fantastically crafted game (from what I’ve heard), mixing hacking and 3rd person combat shooting flawlessly, with sooooooo much to do. The story revolves around the character Aiden Pearce, who seeks to piece together who ordered a hit on his niece, and spirals from there. With a huge aptitude for blowing things up then running away, playing as Pierce should be as fun as an edible puppy that has lasers for eyes.


Batman: Arkham Knight

As the fourth installment of the series to date, Arkham Knight promises to deliver everything you loved about the last three games, but with the original voice of Batman again, instead of the knock off they got for Origins. You play as Batman, in Gotham, (obviously) facing villains seen in the previous games, BUT OH WAIT, with the addition of the newest (or more developed) Scarecrow, who plans to unleash fear upon gotham and Batman is the only one who can stop him. Plus you get to drive the legendary Batmobile, which should be promising, lets hope it’s actually as fun as they’re letting on so we don’t waste our money on a ‘how not to drive you heavily armoured sports car’ simulator.


Dying Light

Another zombie survival game in which the key to survival is staying in the light so you can survive. Forgive me if i’m not as hyped as i should be about this, as i find that preceding from Dead Island, zombie games have taken a tumble down the lane of weapon mods and awful character progression. However the recently released demo does look pretty good, with spanking new graphics and a unique navigational system in which it combines parkour with skull smashing and brain munching.


The Lord Of The Rings: Shadow Of Mordor

Hang on, a LOTR game? On a top 5 list? yes actually, upon seeing it in game a few days ago i was genuinely interested in the proceedings of it, whether it will be a darker twist on a tale we all love, about some silent protagonist who has to kill some orcs and go to Mordor and has…a really big shadow. Basically it looked cool, so therefore its on my list. But all in all it could just be another stabby stabby orcy orcy, oh golly aren’t trolls deliciously brilliant when you hacking them to pieces with your broadsword.

So there you have it my personal list of games I look forward to hammering this year, and maybe if i get my hand on a Xbox One or PS4 i might actually review them! Now back to the grim reality where in I’m stuck with GTAV for the next few blistering months.


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