Top Ten Things to Consider When Using Foundation on Acne Prone Skin

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17 January 2014

By Bronwen

If you (like a lot of teenagers) were not blessed with the clear skin gene, you may struggle to find a suitable make-up regime. We have constructed a list of helpful acne-sensitive tips for you or a friend to follow religiously, if you’re ever lost in the vast and confusing world of make up.

– the brush is more important than the foundation- if it’s not antibacterial, don’t use it.

-don’t use sponges to apply, it will just absorb all of the bacteria and also absorbs your make-up- you’ll end up running out much faster!

-don’t use your fingers- your hands are teaming with bacteria and oil- you don’t want to put this into your pores.

-don’t share brushes. Other people’s skin is crawling with oil and germs. If someone asks to borrow your brush, respond with a big, fat NO.

-make sure your skin is clean before applying foundation- or you’ll trap the dirt.

-the worst thing to do to spot prone skin is put even more oil on it. This is why it is important to buy an oil free make up.

-don’t go for cheap! Save up and buy foundation that compliments your skin. Often, the cheaper the foundation, the oilier it is.

-When applying it look for the parts on your face that need covered the most. Using the brush, dab the make up onto this area and spread it from this point.

-divert the attention away from your acne-trouble-zone! Don’t use make up that is shades and shades darker. Use a foundation that matches your skin tone then use some blush. Blush is so underrated and under used- but we’re bringing it back! Using the very lightest amount of your desired colour, suck in your cheeks and brush the lightest amount over the top most part of your cheekbone. The cheekbones are the sexiest part of most faces- and now the attention is right on them – subtly but effectively.

-GOLDEN RULE- do your research before buying make up, everyone is different. Think of choosing your foundation as choosing your A levels, and you will go far.



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