Top Tips for Choosing Uni Housemates

23 September 2019

By Lauren E. White

When it comes to picking housemates at uni, there can be a whole lot of stress involved. Sometimes you have to make a decision you don’t really want to, or one that’s really awkward. Sometimes you make decisions you’ll regret further down the line. So, in order to help future students out, here are our top tips for choosing uni housemates.

1. Wait as long as you can before you sign


Many universities don’t pressure you into signing houses quickly, but some – particularly in smaller cities like Durham – force you to sign super early.

One top tip that you’ll forever thank us for is to wait as long as you possibly can a house. It is not a good idea to agree to live with a bunch of people you hardly know, so give it time. You’ll find out things about people you never thoguht you would.

2. Don’t move in with a significant other


There’s a good saying for this one: don’t s**t where you eat. It’s true.

Do not sign a house with someone you’re seeing, in a relationship with, or who you’re having casual sexual relations with. If it goes wrong, it can get bitter.

If (and when) it ends, you may be heartbroken – and living with them will only amplify this further. Living with someone is a whole lot more intense than anything else you’ve experienced before.

Also, even if your break-up is amicable, things can get sour quick, which causes friction between everyone in the house.

3. Go with your gut


Your gut feelings about who to live with will usually be right. If you get weird or negative vibes from someone, trust those vibes.

Get that someone out of the house if you don’t think they’re trustwrothy – you don’t want to be kicking yourself for it later.

Trust your instincts on people – good or bad.

We hope these top tips for choosing uni housemates help you out a little next year. Remember to play it safe and be cautious.

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