Towel Trouble

Everyone is watching Wimbledon at the moment, so maybe it wouldn’t be such a great idea to make yourself look like a complete tool, would it? Well, one bloke decided it would be a grand idea to make himself look like a complete idiot after he snatched a towel thrown into the crowd by Jack Sock, from a teenager behind him. This lead to an immediate outcry and people demonising the guy for forcefully taking the towel, and led to Jack Sock seeking out the teen so he could get him a towel.

This is the most extra thing I have ever witnessed.

Even Andy Murray’s mum got involved:

You call him out, girl.

The various other grand slam tournament Twitters reached out too, with the US Open asking if “the Australian Open and Roland Garros” could “maybe send one of yours as well for a Slam sweep?”

They seemed pretty up for it, replying, “No sweat! Happy to chip in an AusOpen towel.”

Jack also offered to bring the boy, after he was contacted on Instagram by him, a new towel and even invited him to some games. So basically, the guy who did the towel snatching is probably a bit red in the face.


I mean why would you want a towel, anyway?

It’d be all sweaty.

Suppose you could sell it on eBay?

Wait, why are you still here? Article’s over.