Trans discrimination in politics needs to be stamped out, immediately

11 February 2021

By James L

In the USA, Representative Greg Steube has recently introduced new, anti-trans legislation. It is unlikely that a vote will even happen on the bill however the concept threatens not only young trans women but all young women

In Idaho, a similar law already exists. According to the law in Idaho, the state or the school can challenge the athlete’s gender. If challenged, they must undergo medical examinations with a doctor to prove their gender. While this law is shocking enough, Steube takes it one step further

The Bill does not state how schools or the State can verify the gender the athlete was assigned at birth. It just threatens the removal of state funding if they fail to do so. It, therefore, makes it legal for forced genital and DNA tests to happen to young women.

Steube claims he introduced the bill to help cisgender women be more involved in sport. It is easy to see the real reasoning behind the bill is to deny trans women’s identity as women. As proven by the lack of similar rules for trans men in the legislation.

Not just an American problem

Sadly this is not an isolated event. In 2021 at least 10 anti-trans bills have been introduced in several US states. Unfortunately, the UK is no better.

The government dropped plans to reform the Gender Recognition act this summer. The aim was to be more inclusive of trans people. They instead opted to make minor administrative changes and leave trans people in uncomfortable and often dangerous positions. Currently, to receive a gender recognition certificate you must show medical evidence of suffering from gender dysphoria for two years. This leaves many people suffering discrimination for up to two years without access to any legal protection. Not to mention the immense mental health impacts those two years will have. Almost 50% per cent of trans people have attempted suicide yet the government continues to turn a blind eye.

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