In BBC One’s new documentary, Sir David Attenborough takes us around Argentina to document the discovery of a new dinosaur – the biggest ever known to have walked the earth.

Throughout the documentary, the viewer meets the many researchers involved with the discovery, as well as the many locations. Sir David speaks with his usual gravitas and the distinctive interest in everything that has made his programmes so interesting in the past – and which does not let him down in this particular example.

The programme also provides a fascinating insight into the modern work of paleontology, which these days seems to have more in common with crime scene forensics than the traditional image of archaeology. Throughout the programme, the viewer sees computer-generated schematics of dig sites, the dinosaur in life and a life-sized construction of the dinosaur’s internal workings. This is a genuinely interesting programme, with modern reconstructions, Attenborough’s excellent narration and the stories of the many scientists coming together to show the story of a truly fascinating creature.