UK Music Festivals Ban Legal Highs

7 May 2014

By Yasmine

in dark

Legal highs are to be banned from more than 20 festivals this year including T in the Park, Lovebox and Bestival. Legal highs including Fat Buddha, BZP and GBL are strictly forbidden at music get-togethers around England this year. One of the reasons for the ban is because they claimed 68 lives back in 2012.

On Monday, all festival websites and social media pages involved joined the campaign to support the ban on legal highs. The websites and social media pages sported the “Don’t be in the dark about legal highs” poster to make millions of people aware about the risks of of taking these substances.

All the participating festivals are working with the Angelus Foundation who are a charity that which is set up to educate people about the risks of taking such products. The founder of the charity, Marion Stewart said “Legal highs are a huge but hidden problem because young people are acting in ignorance and no-one is measuring the harm”.

Hopefully festival goers will take the hint.



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