UK Terror Threat Downgraded

5 November 2019

By Lauren E. White

The terror threat in the United Kingdom has been downgraded to “substantial”, according to the Home Office yesterday.

Although this means the UK is still at a “high level of threat” according to Home Secretary Priti Patel, it is the lowest threat level since 2014. During the course of the past five years, the threat level has reached the highest possible level – “imminent” – numerous times following terrorist attacks. The level had remained at “substantial” for quite some time until yesterday’s announcement.


The Joint Terrorist Analysis Centre (JTAC), which is part of MI5, constantly assess and review the terrorist threat to the UK every day. It works independently of the government and recommends to them where the threat level should be placed.

Neil Basu, head of counter terrorism policing, said there had been “positive developments” in the fight against terrorism, but maintained that it is “vital that we all maintain a high level of vigilance”.

It was also announced that the police currently have 800 live counter terrorism investigations going on and that 24 attacks have been foiled since the March 2017 terrorist attack in Westminster.

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