The British government has signed a letter of intent with Qatar to supply the nation with 24 Eurofighter jets in a trade worth billions of dollars.

Eurofighter Typhoon jets are claimed to be “the world’s most advanced combat aircraft” and don’t come cheap, hence why the government and technology defence giant BAE Systems have jumped at the deal.

The deal follows Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s intervention in the Qatari crisis in July when he said the country “urgently need[s] to do more to address support for extremist groups, building on the steps they have already taken to tackle funding to those groups.”

Qatar is in the midst of a diplomatic row with other Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, who have cut ties with the country due to its funding of extremist groups, including Daesh. Qatar has denied that it funds terrorism.

British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said he hoped the deal would “enhance security within the region”.

However, human rights activists will be horrified at the deal with Qatar due to its abuses of their cause. After all, if Britain will trade with a country where political opposition is illegal and an unelected leader, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, is in control of all executive and legislative power, who won’t we trade with?