Video: Christina Martin

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18 March 2015

By NEBeep

Christina Martin has revealed a live music video for her latest single ‘It’ll Be Alright.’ The song is the title track for her fifth studio album. ‘It’ll Be Alright’ will be released March 30 and her album will be later released on April 20.


The full track listing for her album are as follows:

1. ‘It’ll Be Alright’
2. ‘Reaching Out’
3. ‘I’ve Got a Gun’
4. ‘Lines’
5. ‘Puppet Museum’
6. ‘You Ran from Me’
7. ‘Take Me Back in a Dream’
8. ‘You Don’t Have to Leave Tonight’
9. ‘Things You Can’t Tell By Looking Her Way’
10. ‘Somewhere with You’





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