Walk More Nordically

2 September 2018

By Joseph

You’re a cross-country skier but there’s no snow. What do you do?

Simply swap a pair of skies for a pair of walking boots and carry on as before. The recreational activity of Nordic Walking first came about as a training method for cross-country skiers in Finland during the off-season. Before long, the Finns realised they were on to something and began marketing the activity globally as Nordic Walking.

As a total body, low impact recreation, Nordic walking is most popular amongst older adults, those recovering from injury and casual exercisers. Unlike running, Nordic walking won’t ruin your joints and, unlike a session in the gym, won’t render your joints stiff for the rest of the week.

To be pedantic, nordic walking achieves a 46% increase in energy consumption over regular walking and builds muscular strength and even improves cardiovascular efficiency. The best part though? It’s easy; you won’t even feel tired!

If you wish to try Nordic walking then head over to British Nordic Walking or Nordic Walking UK who can point you in the direction of classes and guided walks. Or alternatively, just buy a set yourself and walk till’ your heart’s content!

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