Warframe Goes Open World!

Yes, after a little bit of waiting, Warframe’s big update, adding new weapons and a massive open world level is finally here.

Titled ‘The Plains of Eidolon’, this update is the biggest yet, adding a huge new landscape filled with missions, enemies, old and new. Up to 50 players can get together on a map and wreck stuff. You can even go fishing. I’m so ready for this.



The Plains will have a day to night cycle also, but you might not want to go outside at night. Unless you’re packing some serious heat. The Plains are overseen by massive creatures known as the Eidolon, which the developer, Digital Extremes, describe as a ‘towering monstrosity lured to consciousness in search of something dangerous and mysterious’.

This update will also add a new frame, called Gara. This frame ‘manipulates glass to fracture the resolves of her enemies’. She comes with four new abilities as well as many customisation options and new weapons. The weapons include Astilla, a gun that shoots slugs which explode on contact and the powerful hammer Volnus.

The Plains update is free for everyone to download and if you need a bit more info, have a look at the website.

Happy hunting!