Watch: Naomi Campbell’s plane cleaning routine

17 July 2019

By Lauren E. White

We’ve all been there before. You’re sitting on the plane waiting to go on holiday and you can just sense the grime. That fold-up tray in front of you? Dirty. The space between chairs? Vile. Those laminated sheets in case of an emergency? I wouldn’t pick them up either. That’s why Naomi Campbell’s extreme plane cleaning routine has gone viral.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell posted a video of herself on YouTube vlogging her ‘Come Fly With Me’ routine. Firstly, she brings out her latex gloves. Next, she gets antiseptic wipes. Then, she cleans her whole seating area in what appears to be a first-class cabin on the plane.

In the video, she says you must clean “everything you could possibly touch” when getting on board. She wipes clean the remote, the window, the whole chair itself (including the headrest) and the TV screen. She also brings out her own seat covers which she frequently replaces.

And, to top it all off, once she gets comfortable, she brings out a mask to put over her face and confesses that the mask is not removed until she departs the plane.

It’s no wonder that this plane cleaning routine has gone viral. But it’s also got people wondering if such a routine is necessary.

Director of the London Vaccination Clinic said that Campbell’s routine is “slightly over the top”, though plane seats can be “pretty filthy”. Microbiologist Charles Gerba asserts that the dirtiest place on a plane is the toilet, followed by tray tables and the overhead compartments.

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