Weird…we think so

29 January 2018

By Bronwen

If you’re just about to eat your dinner, I’d maybe hold off reading this article because you’re about to see something truly disgusting.

Rosemount High School in Minnesota played an odd ‘prank’ in which blindfolded students were told to expect a kiss from a ‘special someone’. Unfortunately for students, the kiss came from over-enthusiastic parents, some of whom gave their own children a proper snog. The spectators visible in the video didn’t seem to be repulsed as one would expect after watching moms and dads making out with their own offspring.


School principal John Wollersheim has offered an apology to those offended by the video.

“This is supposed to be a fun event and it should leave everyone feeling pepped and if it’s leaving people not feeling good or embarrassed or hurt then that’s the exact opposite of what we’re trying to do,” he said when questioned about the event.

According to a report by KARE-TV, the prank was planned by school staff who must have all thought this wasn’t a creepy thing to do.

The most disturbing part comes as one of the mothers moves her son’s hand down to grab her behind.

All of the parents who consented to make out with their kids as a ‘prank’ need to be reported to child services as soon as possible.

Twitter- This high school came under fire for tricking kids into snogging their parents




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