People don’t realise how big of a deal concerts are.

When was the last time you were at a gig and wondered how they got that there? How do they transport all of that equipment, and all the people required to use that equipment across the world in a matter of days sometimes? Well, it might be a simpler explanation than you would think.

Most – if not all – major acts in the business use a single company to transport their talent from one end of the globe to the other. Sound Moves, who opened in 1996, have transported countless acts across the globe over the last twenty or so years. The most recent, and most complicated, being that of Beyoncé’s Formation tour in the UK.

70 trucks and 747 air freighters were needed to get the stage set up, and to get other gear to various venues around the country. Managing director Martin Corr said “It was the biggest move we’ve ever done.”


He started the company with three friends, after working in Heathrow airport, and learning the transport and freighter trade. Heathrow has £101 billion worth of goods going through it each year, and it makes a ton of sense if you think of it as the main exporting and importing place for various acts, film crews, performers, and the rest.

Sound Moves is one of the biggest logistics firms in the industry, with a turnover each year of £17m. They are based in west London, close to Heathrow’s cargo terminal.

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