What Annoyed the Internet This Week?

27 July 2019

By Bronwen

It has been a while since PETA (the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) last upset everyone.

The latest hill PETA is willing to die on is the idea that human beings are of exactly the same importance as animals.

The organisation has annoyed the Internet this week by inferring that pigeons can be non-binary.

So the point of this post seems to be personify animals by demanding people stop referring to animals as ‘it’.

Honestly, I can’t help feeling that PETA is just trolling us now.

Really though, out of all the issues that face us in the 21st century, is this the one that PETA wants to run with?

Non-binary people took issue with the they/them pronoun being used on a pigeon.

This isn’t the first time this Twitter account tweeted about pigeons being more than just animals.

Over the last few weeks, the ‘People’ have posted quite a lot about their campaign to #EndSpeciesism.

They’ve offered us all a list of helpful alternative idioms so that we can all begin to talk like total dweebs.

Here they encourage us to eat cats so that turkeys don’t feel left out.

Of course, there weren’t too many people who got on board with the whole animal friendly idiom thing. In fact, most of the replies to their tweets look something like this.

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