Ingratitude or materialism? Why this letter about a handmade bedspread annoyed the internet.

Sometimes, the most thoughtful gifts have very little to do with money. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right? Well, this mother-in-law caused outrage after she took offence at being gifted a ‘lovely bedspread’, and the reason for her discontent is unbelievably petty.

In a letter written to Slate’s advice column Dear Prudence, the MIL complains that the bedspread was made using materials that she and her husband gifted to the daughter-in-law with a gift card for a yarn store.

The Internet had a lot to say about this.

The main reaction to the letter was confusion, with some people unable to understand what the issue actually was.

Best of all, people began to share pictures of their own handcrafted items to prove just how much effort goes into them.

This person reacted to receiving this gift in the way the MIL should have.

You may be pleased to discover that ‘Prudie’ firmly put this childish woman back in her place. In the original post, Prudence told the MIL that she should apologise for her “churlishness” and “petty scorekeeping”.

“You are grown adults with plenty of money,” wrote Prudence, “If there’s something you want for yourself, go ahead and buy it—this kind of petty scorekeeping around gift-giving is barely excusable when little children do it. Writing her a letter to express “sadness” that her own parents didn’t teach her proper etiquette would be wildly inappropriate, out of line, and an unnecessary nuclear option. And it’s a guaranteed ticket to make sure you see and hear about your grandchildren way less than you do now. You still have time to salvage this relationship—don’t die on this hill. Let it go, apologize for your churlishness, and take yourself shopping if you want a pricey gift this year.”