If you work in customer service or any other profession that involves dealing with the public, you’ll have met millions of ‘Karens’.

In case you’re not familiar with what a ‘Karen’ is, let us explain.

A Karen is a white woman aged between 42 and 60, usually with some sort of cropped hairdo, who exists to yell at 16-year-old cashiers and waiters. They’re not always called Karen but they have a lot of, what we call, ‘Karen energy’.

This week, Facebook really grilled a ‘Karen’ who was outraged that she couldn’t use an out of date voucher.

It all started when a Facebook user posted on the wall of US retailer Target, complaining that staff in-store would not redeem a voucher that she was told over the phone she could use.

First of all, it is real Karen behaviour to even consider calling a company and asking to use a coupon that you know is expired. It’s next-level Karen to spend an hour on the phone trying to get some poor call centre worker to agree to let you use it.

As you may be able to tell by the amount of laugh reacts, the comments were not very kind or understanding towards this person’s so-called “upsetting experience”.

Many users responded with a series of Karen memes.

In case you’re struggling to picture the average ‘Karen’, somebody responded with a meme that should help you out.

The signature Karen hairstyle.

A Karen loves nothing better than to speak to the general manager in the hope of getting an 18-year-old fired for not accepting a coupon that expired 10 years ago. That’s why this image is so ironic:

Younger Karens might look a bit like this:

It is rumoured that the average Karen can only go so long without speaking to a manager.

We need you to do something for us right now: throw your expired coupons in the bin and promise that you’ll never become a Karen.